Armstrong false ceiling

armstrong false ceiling

Armstrong FALSE ceiling :

If you are looking for a roofing solution for your office space, then Armstrong’s false ceiling is the ideal choice. There are various types of false roofs available in the market. The available style and color options are also considerable. Choose a ceiling that goes with the overall look of your room. It should give an impression of space and openness. The wrong roof is very impressive if chosen appropriately. They, in fact, enhance the overall appearance of your room.

Armstrong needs for fake CEILING solution :

For your commercial space, you can choose to go for an acoustic ceiling. The advantage of acoustic ceilings is that they reduce noise. You can decide to do sound absorption as well as sound blocking for any location. The Armstrong acoustic sealing portfolio includes a wide array of materials such as mineral fiber, perforated metal, fiberglass and perforated wood. Colors such as bright blond, cool metal and warm wood provide the perfect acoustic performance as well as the design flexibility you need in your commercial space.

Benefits of Armstrong Ceiling :

  • All of them are extremely easy to help hide clutter of wiring, ducts and other networking cables.
  • They are resistant to moisture, bacteria, mildew and sagging.
  • Armstrong false ceilings are fire retardant and meet all industry criteria for flame propagation ratings.
  • They optimize light reflection and thus reduce the need for any additional lighting. As a result, they are highly energy efficient.

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